Anna Aitchison

About Me

I'm a DevOps Engineer and hobbyist programmer based in the North West. I love programming, learning, taming legacy applications, and working on open source projects in my free time.

My Skills

System Administration

Linux (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, networking, server hardware, virtualization, Bash, Nagios, PostgreSQL, Nginx, DNS


microservices, serverless, legacy applications Fluent in JavaScript, Python, and Perl. Have also worked with with PHP, C#, SQL, and Java.


Building, looking after and using bare metal Kubernetes clusters, creating Docker containers for legacy and new applications.


Building serverless applications with S3, API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo DB etc, and maintaining EC2 instances on AWS


CI/CD, infrastructure as code with the AWS CDK and CloudFormation, configuration management with Puppet, Ansible and AWX

Soft Skills

Stack agnostic, able to work equally well in a team or alone, fast learner, conscientious, level headed, copes well under pressure

My Projects

I really love working on open source projects - there's nothing more satisfying to me than building something well from the ground up and putting it in the hands of real users even if it's only a small project.
DynamoDB User Store

C#, ASP .NET Core, DynamoDB, AWS

A C# ASP .NET Core library that allows developers to store users and roles in AWS DynamoDB when using ASP .NET Core Identity. This is my favorite because it's the most likely to be used in production, it has full test coverage, and is quite well written. Byproduct of me trying to learn C#

PXE Server

JavaScript, Node.js

A Node.js module written in JavaScript that runs a PXE server - server for network booting computers. I like this project because it sounds like it shouldn't work, but it very much does.

Regex Copy or Cut

JavaScript, Node.js

A JavaScript/Node.js VsCode Extension. The first piece of code I ever published, and also the one with the most downloads.

Serverless Audiobook Maker

JavaScript, Node.js

A AWS serverless pipeline to create a speech-to-text audiobook from a text file uploaded to a S3 bucket. Turned out to be useless as AWS Polly isn't as good as it's cracked up to be, but it was fun to make.